Sunday, 28 September 2014

October - A Christmas gift box

 This month the class will be led by Jackie and the project we are doing is a Christmas gift box.

In my example (right), I have included a battery operated candle, which I bought in The Range for £2.99, but you could use a real candle (unlit!!), pot pourri, chocolates, or what I am considering for presents this year - a mug filled with a sachet of hot chocolate and small packet of mini marshmallows!

All the materials needed for making the box will be provided (not the candle) and you will just need to bring with you scissors, glue, and some colouring pens - red, green, orange and greys - and anything else you want to add as an embellishment.

The Instruction sheet can be found here: Instruction sheet for Christmas Tag gift box

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