Saturday 10 June 2000

Scan n Cut group - 9th June 2018

This month we will be making a working clock using the scan n cut.  There are 2 clocks to choose from - the colours will depend on the coloured card/paper you bring with you and will be your choice.   

As a rough guide, you will need around 6 black or kraft card 12 x 12 sheets, 1 or 2 white 12 x 12 and various colours to complement the main colour.  A reasonably thick 12 x 12 decorative paper pad will be best for the patterned paper - these can be obtained at a reasonable price from the Works, the Range or from B&M.

The clock workings (including black plastic hands) and the foam board for the front of the clock will be provided for you for a small charge (around £3).   

You should bring your normal craft kit with you - ds tape, pva glue, scissors, etc.  Also, any decorative materials you want to use to decorate your clock. If you want to use the butterflies and flowers I've used on the teal clock to decorate yours, the dies and a die cutting machine  will be made available.

The flowers from the other traditional style clock are available in a scan n cut file.