Wednesday 23 March 2022

March Class

 Shirley is leading the class this month - and we have 2 very special projects for you.

Before Covid (new version of BC!) we had planned a trip to Hautbois for another weekend, and one of the things we planned to do there was using an embroidery hoop as a frame.  Well, we all know what happened - lockdown!  

The hoops have been stored away in my craft  room ever since, but we are now getting them out and they will be used in the first project Shirley has come up with!

If you have a water brush, it would be helpful if you brought it with you for this one, but otherwise, only your basic kit is required.

For our second project, we will be making a CAS card - I personally really like this one...

All being well, I hope everything goes to plan despite the worry of increasing covid infection numbers again.  

We are taking all the usual precautions regarding sanitising all the surfaces, and distancing as far as practicable, so hopefully there will be no need for concern.   It would be appreciated if those attending could also take an LFT test in the morning, just to further minimise the risk.