Saturday 15 February 2020


Assuming we don't all get blown away by the fierce storms, in February Jackie will be leading the class and we will be making these 2 cards!

  For our  first card,  there will be a choice of colour strips - so if you don't like the autumnal colours, you can make a pastel card instead!

It is surprisingly easy to make this background and a perfect way to use up those scraps of card that we all keep.  All that is needed for this card is the normal craft kit, some glue and some double sided tape.  All materials will be provided.

For our second card, we are making a very simple decoupaged card - and these layers are super easy to cut out, so fine for those with dexterity issues, or who just don't like fussy cutting... 

For this one, just the normal craft kit and some small scissors, plus some thin foam pads are needed - but some will be available if you don't have any.